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Retrofitting buried pipelines of the drinking water supply system with flow measuring equipment is often connected with high expenditures:

In order to install a magnetic flow meter, which is commonly used in the drinking water supply piping network, underground construction to uncover the pipeline must be done first. Pipes then have to be tapped or cut open to install meters, which is an expensive endeavor.  What if you could dig a small hole, clamp on to the outside of the pipe, obtain accurate, and permanent measurements, then backfill and walk away?
FLEXIM can do that for you!

Non-invasive flow measurement with ultrasound is, by now, one of the established standard measuring technologies in the water sector, not only because of its advantages in the case of retrofitting. In order to avoid any interruptions of supply in the drinking water system, the IP68 submersible transducers of FLEXIM are the best solution: the extremely robust clamp-on transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe. For this, the supply pipe only needs to be uncovered briefly.

The access can be filled in again right after the installation. Expensive metering manhole construction is not necessary. The use of permanent coupling pads guarantees durable acoustic coupling and therefore a maintenance-free measurement. The PermaLoc transducer mounting fixture provides additional mechanical protection with its sturdy stainless steel housing and strong stainless steel straps. This keeps the ultrasonic transducers firmly in place. The longitudinally watertight transducer cables are led subterraneously via an empty conduit to an electric control box at the roadside. This box also houses the transmitter and the communication electronics for transmission (possible via GSM) of the measuring data to the grid control system.


  • FLEXIM meters work where other don't
  • Obstruction less
  • Accurate and reliable non-invasive flow measurement can buried in the ground
  • Simple retrofitting, without pipe work and without supply downtime
  • No tapering of the cross section, no pressure loss
  • Long-term stable measurement with IP68 transducers and permanent coupling pads
  • Underground installation directly in the ground without expensive shaft construction
  • Low construction expenditure
  • No adverse effect on corrosion protection, pipe lining and coating remain intact
  • Meets standard AWWA C750-10
  • Perfect for water loss and AWWA M36
  • Great for water production, treatment and distribution