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On a large utility waterworks, drinking water is pumped from a lake since 1877. Today, the plant pumps a total volume of up to 70 MGD drinking water every day using 116 vertical wells and a horizontal filter well.

The raw water is pumped to the plant using eight electric pumps at a depth of 90 to 180 feet. It is then aerated in atomization towers and subsequently filtered to produce drinking water. Water is fed from huge purified water containers into the distribution system via several large lines where the amount of drinking water flowing through is measured. Magnetic-inductive flowmeters were previously used for this purpose.
Several of the measuring points had to be repaired due to wear on the Mag meters. Replacing these flowmeters with new ones would have meant a major capital expenditure for such large pipe dimensions, as well as expensive pipe work and associated delays, draining of pipe sections and time-consuming filling of the pipe sections for decommissioning.

Simple attachment of FLEXIM's non-invasive ultrasonic flow metering technology to the measuring points has proven to be the superior alternative. The FLUXUS flowmeters are considerably less expensive than magnetic-inductive flowmeters in the given nominal sizes of 8" to 60" and retrofitting can take place during ongoing operation without the need for earthwork and pipework. The clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply attached to the outside of the pipes and measure accurately and with a level of reliability equal to the magnetic flowmeter. Additionally, the FLEXIM meters are maintenance free, thanks to a grease free mounting configuration.

Despite the outer coating and inner lining of the steel and cast iron pipes, FLEXIM produces an excellent measuring signal (even steel reinforced concrete pipes aren't a challenge).
FLEXIM replaces the existing magnetic-inductive flowmeters only as a flowmeter, and without having to remove the old magnetic meter when setting up the non-invasive measuring point. This was a huge cost advantage for the utility.


  • Flexim meters work where others don’t
  • Obstruction less
  • Accurate, reliable and totally maintenance-free
  • Completely safe: no direct contact between the measuring system and the medium
  • Cost advantage over magnetic-inductive flow measurement
  • No underground engineering or pipe work required for setting up flow measurement points
  • Installation during ongoing operation
  • Reliable measuring signal despite inner lining and outer coating on the pipe
  • Meets standard AWWA C750-10
  • Perfect for water loss and AWWA M36
  • Great for water production, treatment, and distribution