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FLUXUS - The choice for reliable measurement of irrigation and farm waters

FLEXIM meters are the ideal metering solution for irrigation as well as farm wastewater flows.

Based on its non-invasive ultrasonic transit time difference principle, the FLEXIM flow meters are mounted onto the outside of the pipe wall.
The cost of the meter is independent of the pipe dimensions, material and liner material. For installation, no line shut-down or supply interruption is necessary - even the pipe only needs to be exposed partially making costly shaft constructions obsolete. Moreover, the non-invasive clamp-on flow meter does not pose any leakage risk and is completely maintenance free.

Compared to intrusive magnetic inductive meters or insertion Doppler meters, FLUXUS is completely unaffected by solids in the water stream as well as build-up or fouling on the inside of the pipe wall - which often leads to measurement drift and thus false readings on magnetic inductive meters.
Further, due to its matched, paired and calibrated ultrasonic transducers, FLUXUS offers an unrivalled low flow measuring capability, leaving no drop unaccounted for and completely ruling out measurement drift. FLUXUS is also available with a remote power supply via solar panels. Moreover, the measurement data can be transferred via an integrated GSM module anywhere for further evaluation.

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