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Pumping stations are an integral part of each wastewater network. Flow measurement at such stations is critical as the quantities which are fed to the treatment plant have to be monitored.

Conventionally, magnetic inductive flowmeters are used for such measurement tasks. However, due the medium, which is heavily charged with solid matter, these instruments are subject to wear, leading to incorrect readings and subsequent failure.

FLEXIM's non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters prove to be the better measuring solution. As FLUXUS measures from the pipe wall outside, there is no wear on the meter and it is thus virtually maintenance-free. Further, there is no need to open the pipe for installation, which would result in at least a partial interruption of operation,  nor a lot of staff or heavy equipment is needed for installation. The entire measuring system, consisting of ultrasonic transducers and a measuring transmitter, can easily be carried to the measuring point and installed by one person. There is no need to work on the pipes and set up flange joints, which are essential when installing a magmeter, nor is there any need to set up additional slide valves.


  • Reliable and accurate non-invasive wastewater flow measurement without any wear and tear or measurement drift
  • Extremely easy to set up a measuring point without any impairment of the plant’s normal operation
  • ATEX-certified transducers with protection degree IP68 for use in hazardous areas as well as in flooded chambers