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For more than 10 years, a FLUXUS ultrasonic flow meter has been installed in the municipial waterworks of Witten, Germany. It reliably and smoothly measures the total volume that is fed to the supply network on a DN1000 pipeline behind the purified water tanks. When the water treatment plant was being modernised, a UV system was installed for drinking water disinfection which meant that several changes had to be made to the plant.

Based on the plant's very good experience with FLEXIM, the management of the waterworks decided to also fit the four lines which route the treated water to the network with FLEXIM's non-invasive measuring technology.  These lines were previously fitted with magnetic-inductive flowmeters, which were used to control the pumps and to calculate the amount fed to the network. Due to the superior cost effectiveness of the FLUXUS measuring system - especially at large pipe diameters (here: DN800) - as well as its complete drift-free, accurate and reliable measurement, the magnetive inductive meters are now reduced to only two devices on measurement points where they are strictly needed for fiscal measurements.

There is no pipe work or the slightest bit of structural work requiered to install the FLUXUS clamp-on ultrasonic systems, as the entire measuring system can be easily carried to the measuring points in the basement of the waterworks in its shipping box.


  • Reliable flow control due to accurate and wear-free flow measurement
  • Absolute hygiene: measurement from the outside, without any direct contact with the drinking water
  • Cost advantage in comparison with large-calibre magnetic-inductive flowmeters
  • Measuring system can be installed easily without pipe work and without any structural work
  • Impressive long-term experience with a FLUXUS flow meter on a DN1000 pipe