Whether it is energy management, internal balancing, or monitoring – the capture of thermal energy data in heating and cooling systems is an important measurement task in areas such as building management, manufacturing industry and other energy-intensive operations.

FLEXIM provides an extremely flexible, reliable and, above all, easy-to-install measuring system for this purpose.

Compact energy meter

Based on FLEXIM's clamp-on flow measurement technology, FLUXUS TE combines the volumetric meter and energy calculator in just one transmitter. Equipped with up to 2 flow measuring channels and up to 4 temperature inputs, it delivers measured values such as current flow or mass flow, thermal energy rate, temperatures and also corresponding counter functions.

Thanks to the flexibly programmable electronics, applications such as heating, and cooling can be easily implemented. A large media database contains the necessary heat coefficients for almost all typical media such as water, water-glycol mixtures and many other heat transfer media.

Outstanding measuring principle

Depending on the measuring task, the FLUXUS F532 TE is available for standard applications in buildings and industry, and the FLUXUS F721 TE for more demanding applications.

In addition, the FLUXUS F601 Energy represents the portable variant – flexible and non-invasive measurement of heat quantities and volume flows.

All variants use FLEXIM's ultrasonic transit time difference method in the clamp-on technique. Sophisticated signal processing enables an enormous measuring dynamic of 0.01 m/s up to 25 m/s, with high measuring accuracy at the same time. Incorrectly configured measuring ranges are thus the past, and even the smallest amounts of energy are reliably detected.

FLUXUS TE can be used on all raw materials with nominal diameters from DN 25 to DN 2000. Temperature ranges from -40 °C to +240 °C can be covered, with customized solutions even up to +400°C. Both the permanently installed and the portable version of the measuring system are available as ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 or FM Call I Div 2 approved variants.

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