FLEXIM Rental Program

FLEXIM Rental Program

There are companies that rent many types of flow meters, we only rent the meters that we manufacture and specialize in – FLEXIM meters!

A clamp-on ultrasonic meter provides a benefit that no other flow meter can: a portable temporary measurement. You can buy a portable clamp-on meter but there may be reasons why renting suits your needs better. Maybe you have a large job and need many meters; maybe you want to try the meter before you purchase; or perhaps you have an emergency and need a measurement asap. There are many reasons why having the option to rent is beneficial. The next questions might be: will this meter work on my pipe, can I get the performance I need, will I get support?

FLEXIM specializes in clamp-on flow measurement and we are considered by many to be the premier clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter. If you rent a portable meter from FLEXIM you will get:

  1. A meter that will work on virtually all pipes flowing any liquid or gas, under almost any process conditions.
  2. A meter that has NIST traceable +/-1% accuracy.
  3. A meter that is intuitive to use, program and set-up.
  4. A meter that will store weeks’ worth of data plus the download software to extract and analyze the data.
  5. Diagnostic features that report on the health of the meter.
  6. And, most importantly, access to 24/7 support to assist you  from the installation  all the way to collecting the data.

High quality products and support are what you get with FLEXIM. You get the company that built the meter, and the company that supports the meter with 24-hour phone support. When you use a clamp-on meter the big question will be – how do I know I can trust the measurement? A clamp-on meter must be installed correctly, or you can get erroneous readings. Simply pick up the phone and call one of our offices, you will get immediate technical support. There are diagnostics we will ask you to check, these will verify the meter has been installed correctly and has a healthy signal from the flow sensors.

We support and specialize in a very broad range of markets and see virtually every type of application. We can also support your measurement with field engineers that can set up the meters, take the measurements, and supply a follow-up test report. The report will come with the meter certification which certifies the measurement. Our meters can be used to calibrate or verify existing metering, and our engineers are trained to calibrate many other types of flow meters. 

To get more information or a quotation, you can send an email to salesus@flexim.com. You can also call our main office at 631-492-2300.