The Liquids Flow Meter for permanent installation


The ultrasonic flow meter for any industrial environment

With one or two flow channels and versatile electrical inputs and outputs, the FLUXUS F704 can be configured optimally for your application needs, measuring and serving up a variety of process parameters.

The FLUXUS F704 features a robust metal field housing. Its clamp-on flow transducers are simply mounted onto the pipe from the outside and are thus installed quickly, without any process interruption and without any production stopage.

Since the flowmeter's transducers are not in contact with the medium to be measured, they are not subject to wear and tear. Transducers for all common pipe diameters (0,25 to 500 inches) and temperatures ranges (from -275°F to 1100°F) as well as hazardous locations (cFM and ATEX) are available.

FLEXIM's measurement principle is pressure-independent and can accomodate pipes of most materials flowing nearly any liquid.

The flowmeter is the ideal instrument for monitoring chemically aggressive, toxic or simply media that you just want to keep inside the pipe.

Thanks to its exceptional dual-uP technology, the high number of measuring cycles per second, and the adaptive signal processing, the FLUXUS F704 produces stable and reliable measuring results even under difficult sensing conditions.

No zeroing is necessary at installation time since all transducer pairs are factory calibrated with their calibration data permanently stored in the transducers themselves (EPROM).

An extended status display helps the user to easily  assess measurment conditions and their effect on meter operation.

The FLUXUS F704 can be delivered with one or two flow measurement channels. Additionally, it can be equipped with various outputs and up to 4 process inputs. The input quantities (e.g. temperature or pressure) can be used by the flowmeter together with the measured flow for the calculation of more complex variable of interest: e.g. energy, mass flow, etc.

The Flow Meter for permanent installation - FLUXUS F704