The Ultrasonic Leakage Meter GST 6108(M) is approved and requested mandatory for usage on the Airbus A320, A330 / 340 and A350 family (GST 6108, part number: P/N 610007AB) and can also be employed for the Airbus A400M (GST 6018M, part number: P/N 610007MB).
Additional training courses are available - either directly on site or at the FLEXIM training facilities in Berlin.

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Important information for users of the GST 6108 purchased prior to 1st of December 2010

From 1st of December 2010 onwards, the Ultrasonic Leakage Meter GST 6108 (P/N 610007AB) can, in addition to its usage for the A320 family, also be employed, according to AMM Chapter 29, for the A330 and A340 family.

Hardware and Software/Firmware are certified and approved by Airbus per Certificate of Acceptance (No.: D29032, D29062).

ccording to the Operation Information Telex (OIT) SE 999.0074/10 dated 4th of August 2010, the Ground Support Tool P/N 610007AB is requested mandatory for all airplanes of the A330/A340 family post mod 58345 (from MSN 1049 onwards).

To conduct the AMM Task, the Ground Support Tool is required as Hardware (P/N 610007AB) in combination with the corresponding Firmware for the specific aircraft model (A320 family: P/N 61007010-01, A330/A340 family: P/N 61007030).

Therefore, for purchasing the Tool, one has to keep in mind the desired usage for the specific aircraft model. In cases were the Hardware shall be used for the A320 and A330/A340 aircraft families, both Firmware versions can be used simultaneously on the same device.

Thus, if you already own a GST 6108 (P/N 610007AB) with the Firmware for the A320 family (P/N 61007010-01), you can upgrade the Hardware with the Firmware for the A330/A340 family (P/N 61007030).

For doing so, please contact us by email and send the Hardware to our companies headquarter in Berlin.

P/N 610007AB and P/N 610007MB (GST 6108 and GST 6108M) Leakage Meter

Measuring principle: ultrasonic transit-time difference principle
Flow velocity: (0.01 to 25) m/s [(0.03 to 82) ft/s]
Resolution: 0.025 c m/s [0.0008 ft/s]
Repeatability: 0.15% of read. ± 0.01 m/s [0.15% of read. ± 0.03 ft/s]
Accuracy (for fully developed, rotationally symmetrical flow profile)
- Volume flow: ± 1% to 3% of read. ± 0.01 m/s [± 1% to 3% of read. ± 0.03 ft/s]
  depending on application
  ± 0.5% of reading ± 0.01 m/s [± 0.5% of read. ± 0.03 ft/s]
  with process calibration
- Path velocity: ± 0.5 % of read. ± 0.01 m/s [± 0.5 % of read. ± 0.03 ft/s]
Accuracy at the defined test (flow profile not rotationally symmetrical)
points for a leakage measurement  
- Volume flow: < 7% of read. ± 0.01 m/s
for T = 10 °C to 60 °C
[< 7% of read. ± 0.03 ft/s]
[for T = 50 °F to 140 °F]
- Weight: approx. 3.9 kg* [approx. 8.6 lb]
- Deg. of protection: IP54 acc. to EN60529 [NEMA 3S]
- Material: aluminium, epoxy coated
- Dimensions (with handle): (276 x 118 x 317) m [(10.87 x 4.64 x 12.48) in]
Measuring channels: 1
Power supply: Rechargeable battery (6v /4 Ah) or external power supply (100-240) AC
Operating time with battery: ›10 h
Charge time for max. capacity: 15 h
Display: 2 x 16 characters, dot matrix, backlit
Operating temp.: -10 °C to 60 °C [14 °F to 140 °F]
Power consumption: < 15 W
Measuring cycle: (100 to 1000) Hz (1 channel)
Measuring functions
Meas. quantity: volume flow
Meas. units: l/min or gal/min
Data logger
Loggable values: all measured values
Capacity: meas. values: ›100 000
meas. series: 99
Interface: RS232
Data: actual meas. value, logged data, parameter records
Leakage transducer
Rated (possible)diameter range: (9 to 25.4) mm [(3/8 to 1) in]
Dimensions, W x H x D:
(without fastening strap)
(75 x 41 x 43) mm [(2.95 x 1.61 x 1.69) in]
Material: denclosure: stainless steel, contact surface: PEI
Operating temp: -30 °C to 130 °C [-22 °F to 266 °F]
Deg. of protection: IP65 acc. to EN60529 [NEMA 4X]

FLEXIM's GST 6108(M) ultrasonic leakage meter checks and monitors the functionality and internal leak rate of the green, yellow and blue hydraulic systems for the complete, LeftHand Wing, Right-Hand Wing and Tail sections of the below mentioned Airbus aircraft models.

This portable instrument is rapidly installed thanks to the non-invasive measurement with ultrasound. The transducer is simply clamped onto the hydraulics line and connected to the unit. After selection of the aircraft type and measuring point designation, the test results (pass/fail) are displayed.

The hydraulics leakage meter is used for:

Maintenance Task:

AMM / ATA chapter 29, Heavy Maintenance

Model of Aircraft: Airbus A320 family, Post Mod 36625
(A318, A319 CJ, A319-100, A320-100, A320-200, A321-100, A321-200)

Airbus A330/340 family, Post Mod 58345

Airbus Approval: Ground Support Equipment
Certificate of Acceptance
Certificate No.: D29017
Certificate No.: D29031

Part Numbers:

P/N 610007AB Ultrasonic LEAKAGE Meter GST 6108
P/N 610007010-01 Firmware for A320 Family
P/N 610007030-01 Firmware for A330/340 Family
P/N 610080 / 81 Training course on site / in Berlin
P/N 610090 Calibration and adjustment of a LEAKAGE transducer with a GST 6108


  • Reduced maintenance time during C-Check
  • No Ground Service Manifold necessary
    • less weight aboard the aircraft
    • less potential for in-flight leak source
  • Clamp-on measurement with portable instrument
    • no need to open the hydraulic system, no additional leakage source during maintenance
  • The transducers can be installed on different parts of the hydraulic system
  • Transfer of measuring data from the leakage meter to a PC possible for analysis and visualization of the data and management of data files
  • User-friendly operation thanks to the clearly structured user interface
  • Highly useful in troubleshooting applications; allows for mixed operation:
    • hydraulic equipment check
    • volume flow check
    • accumulator check
  • Test result (pass/fail) bases on the measuring point′s specific limit values saved in the internal data base of the instrument
  • Cost reduction
  • No Hydraulic Ground Power Cart required(Hydraulic Power through PTU)