No More HOT Work Permits! Certified Portable Gas Flow Metering in Hazardous Areas

The new FLUXUS G608 portable gas flow meter is based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile G601, but has been specifically engineered for its use within hazardous areas and is FM Class I, Div. 2 approved.

It is the ideal solution for gas flow measurement in potentially explosive areas, whether for a temporary replacement of a stationary flow meter, check metering or service operations. Due to its certification, users are freed from obtaining a Hot Work Permit, making access to hazardous areas much easier and less time consuming.

Offering a high degree of flexibility, without compromising on Safety!

An extremely resistant carbon fiber housing, together with its rugged transducer design, give the G608 high impact protection as well as resistance against oil, water and many other liquids. The G608 portable gas flow meter has the same efficient battery management system as the G601, offering over 14 hrs. of remote measurement time.

Moreover, the measurement system can be fully set-up in less than five minutes due to intuitive user guidance and automatic transducer recognition. Its application range is unrivalled - from pipes as small as 0.25 to 63 inches inner diameter and temperatures ranging from 14°F to 392°F.

The G608 gas flow meter goes where other portable devices can't

Being equipped with two flow channels, RTD Inputs and an integrated data logger with a serial interface, the portable gas flow meter is designed for direct usage in demanding environments, such as in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream area as well as in the processing industries and the energy sector.

As known from all FLEXIM flow meters, also the G608 features a highly precise bi-directional measurement at fast and even very slow gas flow rates over a wide dynamic measurement and pressure range and is not prone to temperature and zero drift, being fully compliant to ANSI/ASME regulations.

However, the G608 is not only safe, accurate and reliable, but also very compact and lightweight, offering the user to even carry the complete measuring system as personal luggage for offshore visits.

Additionally the G608 can also be used for flow measurement of virtually any liquid media. Fur further information please consult the Technical Specifications of the F608 portable flow meter.


Extremely resistant

  • High impact Carbon Fiber housing
  • Rugged transducer design
  • FM Class I, Div. II approved
  • Compact and very lightweight

Instantly in Service

  • Direct access to hazardous areas
  • Fast and easy set-up (less than 5 minutes)
  • Automatic transducer recognition
  • Intuitive user guidance

Highly Versatile

  • Unrivalled application range
  • Superior accuracy even with media containing solids
  • Integrated high capacity Li-Ion battery (>14 hrs. of remote measuring)

Accurate and Reliable

  • All transducers are wet calibrated
  • High precision during high and low flow rates
  • No temperature and zero drift


Industry Applications

Technical Facts

Measurement uncertainty at the measuring point (volumetric flow rate)
±1…3 % of reading ±0.02 ft/s
Measurement uncertainty of the measuring system (volumetric flow rate)
0.15 % of reading ±0.02 ft/s
Flow velocity range
0.03 to 115 ft/s, depending on pipe diameter
Ex zone transmitter
FM Class I /Div 2
Power supply
Li-ION 7.2V/6.2Ah Operat. time >25h
Available transducers
Shear wave/Lamb wave
for Ex zones
FM Class I /Div 2
for pipe sizes range
0.28 inch to 63 inch
for temperature range
-40°F to +392°F
Additional Information
For more detailed Information please download the Technical Specifications