With the platform FLUXUS 532, FLEXIM has once again set a new standard. Compact and extremely cost-efficient flow transmitters for all important applications in the manufacturing industry, for food, pharmaceutical and building technology. 

Leading the way is FLUXUS G532 ST-LT, the tailor-made solution for all typical applications for saturated steam up to a temperature of 356°F. 

Non-invasive and cost-efficient 

FLUXUS G532 ST-LT measures the volume of steam from outside the pipe in a non-invasive manner. For users, this means important advantages when considering the total cost of operating a measuring point: 

Simple installation without cutting or welding work on the pipeline. No downtime necessary – the system remains fully available for current production, without any production losses. 

The transit time difference principle already works at 0.03 ft/s and does not need any reduction to the diameter of the pipe to artificially increase the flow velocity. This means there is no loss of pressure, and accordingly no loss of energy or costs caused by the measurement itself. 

Free from wear and maintenance-free 

Non-invasive also means free of wear and tear, as there is no contact with the medium. Long life without regular calibration, which would include de- and reinstallation, again reduces the overall cost for operating a measuring point. 

With Advanced Meter Verification (AMV), users are given a strong software tool capable of autonomously delivering comprehensive diagnostics and a subsequent protocol at any time.  

State of the art 

FLUXUS G532 ST-LT features Ethernet-based interfaces like the Modbus TCP, but also classic interfaces like BACnet and an analogous 4-20 mA power output.

Measuring data can be made available this way in real time, any time and anywhere, and is therefore suitable for IoT and smart metering.


  • Compact, cost-efficient clamp-on volume and mass flow rate measurement of saturated steam up to 356°F. 
  • Non-invasive measuring principle
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance without process interruption. 
  • Installation any time – no waiting for planned downtime and revisions. 
  • Extremely high measuring dynamics – no need to reduce pipe diameters. 
  • Zero loss of pressure – zero loss of energy. 
  • Bidirectional measurement 
  • Integrated mass flow measuring through the saturated steam curve and online measuring of temperature.
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Industry Applications

Technical Facts

Measurement uncertainty of the measuring system (volumetric flow rate)
+-0.3% of the measured value +-0.02 ft/s
Measurement uncertainty at the measuring point (volumetric flow rate)
+-1… 3% of the measured value +-0.02 ft/s, depending on application
+-0.15% of the measured value +-0.02 ft/s
Flow channels
Media temperature
saturated steam and superheated steam
Temperature Range (pipe wall)
max. 356°F
min. 44psi absolute
Pipe diameter range
0.91 inch to 15 inch
Flow velocity range
0.03 ft/s…200 ft/s, depending on pipe diameter and transducer
Explosion protection
1 4-20 mA active/passive, 2 digital outputs (impulse, binary or frequency)

Not compatible with bus interface
1 Pt100/Pt1000
Communication Interface
Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, BACnet TCP, BACnet MS/TP, M-Bus, Profibus PA, FF H1
Advanced Meter Verification (AMV)
Synchronized Channel Averaging (SCA)
not available
Additional Information
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