The FLUXUS F532 Thermal Energy is specially designed for heating and cooling measurements in industry and building applications. The new 532 platform allows for best FLEXIM performance, measurement accuracy and modern interfaces.

FLUXUS F532 TE is a compact thermal energy meter with integrated heat flow calculation for water and all water-glycol mixtures.

Based on the established transit time difference method, the volume flow is measured non-invasively with ultrasound, and the supply and return temperatures are registered via 2 temperature inputs.

The heat flow calculated in this way is determined highly dynamically and with a fast response time. Of course, totalizers for total thermal energy are also included.

FLUXUS F532 TE has USB and LAN interfaces and serves the common communication interfaces Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP and M-Bus.


100% FLEXIM performance of course also means availability of important features:

  • Advanced Meter Verification – diagnosis and verification of installed measurement points with FluxDiag software
  • Distrubance Correction – automatic correction of interference sources such as 90°C arcs
  • Aperture Calibration – FLEXIM's patented, high-precision calibration system for all ultrasonic sensors
  • Accuracy in flow: 1% b.w.m. +-0.005 m/s

This makes the FLUXUS F532 TE not only usable as a thermal energy meter, but also for monitoring processes and plants.

As a non-invasive measuring system, it not only brings the advantage of uninterrupted installation with little effort – above all, it significantly reduces the total cost of operation. Maintenance-free, wear-free and at any time without disturbing the process.



  • Non-invasive measurement of thermal energy on water and water-glycol
  • Traceable factory calibration according to PTB
  • Paired temperature sensors and heat quantity calculation according to EN 1434
  • Extreme measurement dynamics from lowest to highest flow rates – even the lowest flow rates at night are recorded without any uncertainty
  • Simple and cost-effective retrofitting without supply interruption
  • USB and LAN interface
  • Communication interfaces Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, M-Bus
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Technical Facts

Measurement uncertainty of the measuring system (volumetric flow rate)
+-0,3% v.MW. +-0,005 m/s
Measurement uncertainty at the measuring point (volumetric flow rate)
+-1% v.MW. +-0,005 m/s
0,15% v.MW. +-0,005 m/s
Flow velocity range
0,01…25 m/s
Pipe diameter range
10…2400 mm (extended)
Temperature Range (pipe wall)
-40°C…+130 °C
water, water-glycol (0-100%)
Flow channels
2x Pt100 / Pt1000
1x 4-20 mA active/passive
2x Digital (pulse, binary or frequency)
Digital communication
Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU
(cannot be combined with analogue/digital outputs)
Power supply
11…32 VDC or 110…250 VAC
Advanced Meter Verification (AMV)
Disturbance Correction