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Nuclear Power Plants

In a nuclear power plant, water circuits are heated up by nuclear fission of the radioactive material. Most modern reactor types employ primary and secondary cooling circuits, whereas the secondary circuit is used to steam power turbines for electricity generation.

For an efficient and safe operation of such cooling circuits, FLEXIM offers the ideal flow metering solutions.

Conventional flow meter technologies tend to drift due to the partially abrasive, flowing medium. Also the present radiation poses another challenge. Inline flow metering technologies furthermore require complete plant shut downs for their installation or replacement.

FLEXIM’s non-invasive flow meters offer a highly accurate measurement with long-term stability, without the need for invasive pipe installations. Due to its matched, paired and radiation resistant transducers as well as sophisticated digital signal processing, the measurement system does not drift. Furthermore with no pipe cutting or welding required during installation, process interruption is totally unnecessary and potential leak risks are minimized.

By making use of FLEXIMs WaveInjector transducer mounting fixture for extreme temperatures, even flow measurements at up to 400 °C / 750 °F hot pipes are possible without any limitations.

Temporary inspection of existing metering systems or currently unmeasured points is also possible with our range of portable flow meters.

FLEXIMs clamp-on flow meters are available in radiation resitant variants and are approved by major nuclear power plant operators. References can be sent upon request.


  • Highly accurate, reliable and radiation resistant measurement system – no drift, highly zero point stable
  • Non-intrusive, no invasive pipe work or process shut-downs required
  • Highly operational safety - no potential leak source
  • Approved by major nuclear power plant operators - radiation resitant measurement technology
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