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In hygienic sensitive industries, especially pharmaceutical and food, pure and ultra-pure media and gases are used for various applications. Even more importantly, they serve as protective gas to inhibit creation of an explosive atmosphere. When highest purity is needed and contamination of the medium must be avoided, FLEXIM´s non-invasive, ultrasonic transit time measuring is the meter of choice.

FLEXIM Clamp-on - 100% hygienic – 100% contamination-proof

A set of ultrasonic transducers mounted outside the pipe, measures the volume flow without any contact with the interior of the pipe. As the measuring principle is suitable for liquids and for gases, this provides a huge advantage in ultra-pure media applications.

For installation or maintenance, the pipe is never opened. No drilling, no cutting, no in-line parts. This means no chance for any contamination of the pipe system and no subsequent flushing and cleaning.

As the process does not need to be stopped at any time, the operator enjoys 100% system availability.

Highly dynamic – bi-directional - accurate

The transit time principle is a highly accurate and fast responding measuring principle, providing measurement beginning at lowest flow velocities of 0,03 ft/s. Since it has no media contact and no moving parts, it exhibits no wear and tear and provides excellent long-term stability.

Even applications with back-flow of the media can be handled easily. Backflow can be measured, stored in separated totalizers, or even trigger alarms to the process control system.

Pharmaceutical and technical gas monitoring

Suitable for many technical gas applications

FLEXIM meters are always versatile, and so the meter of choice, FLUXUS G721 CA, can be used for other gas applications like compressed air / medical air, oxygen, and helium, independent of the gas purity level.


  • Non-invasive, easy to install gas flow meter
  • Suitable for ultra-pure media like nitrogen 5.0 and medical oxygen
  • No contact with the medium – no contamination possible
  • No paperwork with certifications and approvals
  • High accuracy with 1..2% of reading
  • Outstanding low flow sensitivity starting at 0.03 ft/s
  • Long term drift stable – no frequent re-calibration necessary