Food & Beverage Flow Meters

FLEXIM non-invasive flow measurement — state of the art technology

With more than 30 years of ultrasonic clamp-on experience, FLEXIM has continually set standards for food & beverage flow meters as well as flow meters for the pharmaceutical industry. Outstanding performance and great accuracy have made the transit-time measuring principle the technology of choice for many applications in several industries.

These industries’ strict requirements for hygienic design, measuring performance and accuracy are easily met by FLEXIM food and beverage flowmeters.

100% hygienic and 100% contamination free

In addition to having zero pressure drop, creating no risk of leakage, and being installed without any shutdown, FLEXIM hygienic flow meters have one huge advantage compared to any other measurement system — the pipe is never opened in any way and the medium stays untouched.

This means there is absolutely no risk of contaminating pure media or creating problematic hygienic “dead spots” within a product line with the use of these sanitary flow meters.

Highly dynamic and accurate

The ultrasonic transit time principle has developed steadily and is now evolved into a high-performing technology. Our food and beer flow meters generate up to 1000 measuring signals per second and feature powerful, digital signal processing to provide fast, reliable, and responsive readings from the process.

FLEXIM’s innovative agricultural flow meters feature aperture calibration that achieves 0.3% system accuracy and easily 1% field accuracy. And, of course, the calibration is traceable to national standards.

The one-for-all solution

Monitoring steam or compressed air for energy management, measuring flow velocity for WFI or metering gaseous ammonia on refrigeration compressors — FLEXIM´s transit time principle is versatile and flexible. One manufacturer, one principle — all applications.


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