Letting FLEXIM’s experienced service technicians carry out flow measuring tasks at your site can save you considerable resources that can be used on more efficiently on other duties.

FLEXIM offers freely scalable flow measurement services ranging from the check metering of a single measurement point up to a complete measurement audit of a big facility with a multitude or measurement points.

Our service can be used either to measure at points that are not equipped with a flow meter or to check existing flow meters (independent of the employed technology and manufacturer).

Our flow meter services are arranged according to your individual needs:

  • From the flow measurement of liquids and gaseous volume and mass flows, over a wide media, temperature, and pressure range;
  • over the energy survey of heat and cold quantities or also the consumption of compressed air within your site;
  • up to flow measurements at high temperature pipes (up to 400°C and more in hazardous areas - ATEX, FM).

We are providing you with a detailed flow measurement report with traceable results (to national standards, PTB).