Installation and System Set-Up

The installation and set-up of our FLUXUS flow meters is in most cases fairly easy. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a measurement point that is difficult to access due to space restrictions or a hot and hazardous environment, or you just don’t have the time to set-up the clamp-on flow measurement system, our service technicians are glad to help you.

Proper flow meter installation is crucial to ensure you get the most accurate readings. Our technicians understand the importance of proper flow meter placement and know how to get the most out of the equipment. The non-intrusive nature of our products means flow meter mounting is quick and simple. There is no need to cut or drill into the pipe.

We care for a fast and accurate set-up of the measurement point and consult your technicians in the further handling with the system. Our expertise with ultrasonic flow meter installation means you will have a setup that is best suited for your requirements and needs. You can feel confident trusting our experts to handle every aspect of your installation in the most effective manner possible.

Our flow meter installation and startup services consist of:

  • Consulting in choosing the appropriate measurement point
  • Installation of the measurement system at the pipe
  • Set-up, configuration and test / diagnostic runs of the system
  • Installation acceptance