In case you need one or a multitude of clamp-on flow meters for check metering on liquid or gas filled pipes or you simply want to try our measurement systems for a longer duration, we can offer you a complete clamp-on flow meter rental service

Our flow meter rentals can take place on a weekly basis with direct availability.

We offer you the best measurement system for your individual application:

  • May it be the standard FLUXUS F601 for the portable flow measurement of any liquid media
  • the FLUXUS G601 for the flow measurement of gas filled pipes
  • the FLUXUS F601 Energy or the FLUXUS G601 CA Energy for the measurement of heat and cold quantities as well as the consumption of compressed air
  • or the FLUXUS F608 and G608 for gas and liquid flow measurement in hazardous areas up to 400°C (ATEX Zone 2 / FM Class I, Division 2 certified)

Choosing ultrasonic flow meter rentals over purchasing them outright gives you a level of flexibility that might make more sense given your particular needs. It also enables you to have the most technically advanced equipment at your site, even if it would be too expensive otherwise. To learn more about our water flow meter rental services, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.