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A large oil company operating offshore in the Asia-Pacific region called on FLEXIM to help with flow measurement at a thicked walled steel pipe carrying natural gas for injection at 70 bar. Due to the installation of a new compressor control scheme, an additional flow measurement point was required to be installed on each compressor outlet. High pressure and the fact that a process shut down for installation works was not possible, other flow measurement technologies were not considered.

A FLUXUS G clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow meter from FLEXIM turned out to be the perfect solution. The demanding high pressure gas application required a wall thickness of 25 mm (0,98 inch). However, this proved no match for the FLUXUS G flow measurement system in combination with the correct transducer design. By inputing pressure and temperature data, the FLUXUS gas flow meter also calculates the compensated gas mass flow rates.

Being housed in rugged and corrosion resistant stainless steel VARIOIX mounting fixtures, the FLUXUS flow meter withstands even the harshest environments offshore and is furthermore virtually maintenance free.


  • Gas mass flow measurement independent of pipe dimensions, material, wall thickness and internal pressurisation
  • No susceptibility to abrasive wear as being installed outside the pipe wall
  • High turndown rate and broad measurement range
  • No measurement drift - highly accurate and reliable
  • No process interruption for installation - virtually maintenance free