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Besides natural gas and liquefied gases / hydrocarbons, in many cases also considerable amounts of water are getting out of the wellhead.

Information about these produced water volumes provide valuable information about the nature of a well. The water exiting a FWKO or separator often also needs to be accounted for before it is disposed of.

The challenge in measuring water exiting smaller Free-Water-Knock-Out (FWKO) vessels is, that the water can be discharged in periodic short bursts.

The discharged water can also be corrosive. A commonly used flow metering method in smaller lines is the turbine flow meter. Turbine flow meters do not perform well in pulsating flow conditions and furthermore any wetted parts are subject to corrosion and wear. For larger pipe sizes electro-magnetic flow meters are often used in this application. Given the pipe sizes and pressure ratings these meters tend to be expensive.

FLEXIM's clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters offer a valuable option:

They respond very quickly to flow changes  and they are not subject to any corrosion or mechanical wear. They thus offer value in this application with better measurement performance and a longer maintenance free life span and - when compared to electro magnetic technology – at a considerable cost savings.