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Two methods are used today for the management of wastewater to recover elements for disposal or reuse:

Evaporation (with and without subsequent water recovery) and the sequential precipitation process (SPP), a combination of recycling and evaporation.

In treating the large volumes of fracing water, certain contents must be addressed:

  • organic and inorganic chemicals that are present,
  • physical characteristics of the brine and
  • biological parameters.

The equipment needed to purify the wastewater, such as clarifiers, screens and filters, anaerobic and/or aerobic digesters and membranes (in addition to oil-water separation systems) is already offered as fully automated units that travel right out to the well sites to pull the fracing water directly from the fracing pond / tanks and reclaime it for future Fracturing operations.

The metering at such recycling units has to offer exceptionally low flow accuracy along with the possibility to measure different liquid streams and their individual concentration levels.

FLEXIM's FLUXUS F ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter is up to the par thanks to its matched and paired transducers offering highly accurate low flow measurement capabilities. Independent of the medium inside the pipe, FLEXIM's PIOX S ultrasonic process analyzer also offers the monitoring of the brine's concentration levels through observation of the characteristic sound speed of the medium.


  • Smart metering: Ability to measure multiple mediums
  • Low flow liquid (.02gpm)
  • Bi- directional flow measurement
  • Additional concentration measuring