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Within tank terminals, nitrogen is often used to blanket stored products or to actuate valves and accessories. Being costly to produce, efficient use and avoidance of waste is of importance.

That's why the non-invasive ultrasonic measurement with FLUXUS is the ideal solution to monitor the various flows and to check for potential leaks within the network:
FLEXIM's metering device are not inserted into the pipe and can thus never be the source for poential leaks by themselves.

Thus our portable flow meters are used to check temporary measurement points, currently not monitored by a permanent meter, and help to identify costly leaks that are not recognised otherwise. Actually, the identification of 2 - 3 leaks by the use of FLUXUS pays of the total metering investment.

Not different are our permanent metering solutions, which are used to monitor nitrogen flows and support in the balancing of the various lines.

FLUXUS is highly versatile and independent of pipe materials, dimensions and can start measuring at internal pressure rates of 3 bar with no upper limitation.


  • Reliable and precise gas flow measurement from the pipe wall outside
  • Simple setup of temporary flow measuring points without any pipework or interruption to operation
  • Various control measurements allow for a better understanding of the actual product flows and for optimisation of operations
  • No leakage risk, No pressure loss
  • One single measuring system for a variety of different applications
  • Rapid amortisation through effective detection of costly leakages