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The gas transport pipeline system in western Germany is designed as a two-strand loop pipeline system. Both pipelines are connected to each other at regular intervals. To ensure the pipeline's availability as well as safety in the transport network, valves are installed in the pipeline segments, isolating possible leakages.

If the pipeline is severely damaged, the gas flows towards the leakage and consequently changes the flow direction. Previously installed impellers, attached to insertable lances, were used as flow direction indicators. However, these impellers proved to be prone to failures and had to be serviced or replaced frequently.

As of these issues, the pipeline operator gradually replaced the flow direction indicators with non-invasive ultrasonic FLUXUS G flow meters. The clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe wall without any pipe work during ongoing operation and are thus not subject to any wear and tear. Morever, they are not prone to failure and are virtually maintenance free.


  • Non-intrusive determination of flow direction for monitoring the pipeline integrity
  • Effective increase in transport network safety, no risk of leakage
  • No wetted parts, no wear and tear, no maintenance required
  • Maximum operational safety due to  sturdy measurement mode
  • Complete plant availability at all times; no pipe work and no interruption of operation for installation
  • Piggable, no disturbing fixtures in the pipe