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The Special Measuring Technology Department of one of the leading producers of petrochemical products faces various challenges daily:

  • Control of permanently installed flow measuring systems
  • Temporary replacement of defective devices
  • Flow measurement at places where no stationary measuring system is installed - for diagnostic purposes or for process optimization

In all these cases, the experts reach for their FLUXUS portable flow meter certified for hazardous areas:

The non-intrusive acoustic measuring technology offers maximum flexibility. The ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the pipe and quickly installed, without cutting into the pipe and without process interruption. The portable flow meter is easily fixed even at measuring points with difficult access, automatically recognizing the connected transducers.Two transducer pairs are sufficient to measure within the most common nominal pipe width range from DN10 to DN2500 - independent of the pipe material and the medium flowing inside. 

However, for the multitude of applications, the department has a complete arsenal of transducers available, perfectly adapted for their respective measururing task - even with the WaveInjector for non-intrusive flow measurement up to 750 °F and beyond.


  • Quick installation and start-up of the measuring equipment without process interruption
  • Certified for work in hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx Zone 2 (1) and FM Class I, Div.2 )
  • No wear due to the chemically aggressive media - No risk of leakage
  • High measuring accuracy, even under unfavorable measuring conditions
  • Wide dynamic range assures precise measurements for low as well as high flow rates
  • One single measuring system for a multitude of different applications
  • Robust measuring system: solidly made transmitters, ultrasonic transducers and connection cables for use in rough environments