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In one of the world's largest coal tar refineries, the delivered raw material is distilled to obtain technical oils and aromatics, which serve as valuable basic materials for the dye and pharmaceutical industries. The largest part of the yield, however, is the product pitch, used as electrode binder in the aluminium industry.

Adverse process conditions and media characteristics make flow measurement of pitches a difficult task. Due to the high solid content of the pitch, orifice plates quickly lose their sharpness, and thus their measuring accuracy. Furthermore, pressure impulse lines are quickly clogged by deposit formation. Due to thermal stress, Coriolis or Vortex flow meters fail prematurely.

Flow measurement based on the ultrasonic clamp-on procedure using the patented WaveInjector is a superior solution to this problem.

Based on convincing experience in tar distillation, wetted measuring systems in the entire plant are being replaced gradually by the non-intrusive FLUXUS ultrasonic measuring systems.


  • No mechanical wear due to the abrasive pitch
  • Reliable high temperature measurement with the WaveInjector, not affected by temperature shocks
  • High measurement accuracy - Excellent measuring dynamics
  • No leakage risk of the highly combustible and environmentally dangerous medium
  • Simple installation and start-up of the non-intrusive measuring system without work on pipes and down-time
  • Certified transducers and transmitters for operation in hazardous areas