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Process Control, Check Metering & Verification

Extremely high temperatures, residues and abrasive media among other challenging conditions are found all over refineries and petrochemical plants. DP meters, Vortex meters and Coriolis meters among other inline/wetted instrumentation are often applied out of range, clogged, show signs wear and tear, and are rendered inaccurate and inoperable over time causing unplanned maintenance shutdowns that result in costly cash flow loses. With aging instrumentation and demanding process conditions, FLEXIM's clamp on flow FLUXUS meters are the perfect solution for the downstream sector. FLEXIM 's ability to simply clamp on the pipe wall without having to stop flow allows plant operators to assess the performance of outdated instrumentation, perform temporary monitoring of lines where there is no flow metering and ultimately replace outdated or out of service instrumentation without pipework modifications or product loses. FLEXIM 's high temperature transducers and extremely high temperature mounting fixtures (WaveInjector) ensures meter performance is unaffected by process conditions.

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