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Process Control & Check Metering

Oil & Gas Transportation, Storage and Distribution networks are complex and elaborate. Getting crude oil and natural gas from processing facilities to end users is not an easy task. Miles and miles of pipeline between processing facilities and transmission networks are controlled by compressors, pumps, and auxiliary instrumentation to ensure the flow of product is uninterrupted and handled safely and appropriately.  Metering points across these networks are located at various stages for process control, balancing of quantities (custody transfer), and quality checks. Here traditional inline meters are typically used. Long stretches of piping are often unmetered, resulting in costly leak paths and operational hazards. With aging instrumentation and everchanging process conditions, also come metering errors and balancing discrepancies that ultimately can impact efficiencies and cash flows. FLEXIM's clamp on flow FLUXUS meters are the perfect solution for the midstream sector. The ability to simply clamp on the meters without having to stop flow allows pipeline operators to evaluate the performance of outdated instrumentation, perform temporary monitoring of lines where there is no flow metering and ultimately replace outdated or out of service instrumentation without pipework modifications or product loss risk.

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