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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas production, transportation and storage operations are subject to the highest and most complex process conditions and are subject to strict standards of performance, availability, and efficiency. Flow measurement requirements within the industry should be just as stringent!

Over the years FLEXIM has built a global business to better serve the Oil & Gas industry with accurate, reliable, & cost-effective clamp on flow meters specifically designed to withstand the extreme processes and ever-changing conditions of the oil and gas industry.

Our non-intrusive, clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are the perfect solution for high pressures, high temperatures, abrasive media, and safety requirements across the industry.

FLEXIM’s business is flow measurement. We pride ourselves on the high standards of our technology, the technical support and expertise our regional teams and partners provide to our customers and our ability to adapt to market needs.  At FLEXIM we are committed to being the leader in flow measurement from the wellhead to transmission and hydrocarbon processing.

With FLEXIM you get

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  • High Performance
    • Advance processing capabilities
    • Sophisticated meter diagnostics
    • No measurement drift - highly accurate and reliable
    • Accurate and reliable measurement of extreme low flows down to 0.01 m/s.
    • Accurate monitoring of gas flow rates at low pressure conditions (down to 50 psi on steel pipes - independent on wall thickness)
    • Single, dual, and Quad channel options
    • Bidirectional flow meter
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  • Flexible Technology
    • Suitable for liquids, Gases & Steam
    • Pipes sizes ranging from few millimeters to several meters
    • Portable and permanent options available
    • Extreme temperature clamp on transducers – From -310 °F up to 1100 °F
    • Explosion protection FM Class 1, Div. 1 / 2 and ATEX (IECEx) zone 1 and 2
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  • Operational Safety
    • No potential for leaks - ideal solution for corrosive and toxic media
    • No clogging due to clamp-on nature, no internal pipe restrictions and pressure losses
    • No susceptibility to abrasive wear as being installed outside the pipe wall
    • No process interruption for installation - virtually maintenance free
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  • Easy to install
    • Retrofittable
    • User friendly
    • Rugged and Robust Design


Product Highlights