Northeast University Achieving Huge Energy Savings


As an awarded and respected professional in his field, Tim, the campus energy manager for a major northeast public university, reveals how he significantly reduced the campus energy usage in a recently published issue of ACHRNews.

In the article, Northeast University Achieving Huge Energy Savings, Tim reveals how they not only attained flow control, but temperature and pump control as well allowing them to cut energy costs by over 20%.

Accurate and reliable metering is regarded as the most important solution - β€œAnyone involved with energy efficiency knows that the biggest user of energy in any complex is the HVAC system, and the key to saving energy in those systems is the flow metering capability,” said Tim. β€œNearly all flow meters are designed for gradual failure because they come in direct contact with the fluids they are monitoring, and that means the sensors they use will accumulate particulates from the fluid.”

β€œWe now have a total of about 100 (FLEXIM) ultrasonic meters monitoring our HVAC flow and temperature and reporting to our dashboard/BAS system,” said Tim. β€œWe recently added 70 new meters for domestic water, and we continue to expand building by building.”

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Northeast University Achieving Huge Energy Savings with FLUXUS Energy