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NEW - The World’s Only Clamp-On Steam Meter


The World’s Only Clamp-On Steam Meter

FLEXIM presents the world’s ONLY clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for steam with FLUXUS ST. The new measuring system offers the same advantages as FLEXIM’s well known flowmeter series FLUXUS: Reliable and accurate flow measurement from...

Coming soon: the World´s ONLY clamp-on STEAM meter

  • Portable and permanent options available
  • Applicable to steam temperatures up to 180°C / 356°F

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Improved wet gas measurement


New feature allows for automatic LVF compensation

Wet gas applications are still a challenge for all flow measurement technologies, both in terms of reliability and accuracy. However, FLEXIM’s clamp-on gas flow meter series FLUXUS G has been proving itself the superior...


Process Analytics by Inline Refractometry – PIOX R721


New process refractometer brings laboratory accuracy into the process

In many processes real-time inline concentration measurement is the key to continuous quality control and efficient production. With its new PIOX R721, the newest generation of its process...

Obituary on Larry Lynnworth


It is with great sadness that FLEXIM announces the passing of Lawrence C.  “Larry” Lynnworth. He has passed away on May 9 at the age of 82.
We remember Larry as a vibrant friendly person, who was a family man and extremely helpful towards others. We explored many special moments with him...

radiation hardened transducers

New radiation hardened transducers


Non-invasive flow measurement under radioactive areas

Efficient production and 100% reliable supply are essential when generating power. Non-intrusive flow measurement with FLEXIM's clamp-on ultrasonic systems FLUXUS has proven to be the ideal...




Heavy duty portable ultrasonic water flow meter

FLEXIM’s new FLUXUS F401 is the ideal flow meter for long-term measurement campaigns in the field. Depending on the programmed measurement interval the FLUXUS F401 can operate autonomously for...


Non-invasive flow measurement of gases at high temperatures


The clamp-on ultrasonic systems of the FLUXUS G series can now also measure the flow of gases at temperatures up to 200 °C. Until now the application range of non-invasive measuring technology has been limited to temperatures up to approx. 100 °C.

This progress is made possible by the...

FLEXIM helps AstraZeneca BioHub Achieve its 30% Energy Reduction Goal


FLEXIM helps AstraZeneca BioHub Achieve its 30% Energy Reduction Goal

Not only did the large innovative AstraZeneca lab located in Waltham, MA achieve their goal, but they also received their Energy Star Rating. Back in 2015,...

Northeast University Achieving Huge Energy Savings with FLUXUS Energy

Northeast University Achieving Huge Energy Savings


As an awarded and respected professional in his field, Tim, the campus energy manager for a major northeast public university, reveals how he significantly reduced the campus energy usage in a...