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Patented precision calibration


Measuring accuracy relies on calibration. With the calibration rig AperCal, FLEXIM now offers for users of FLUXUS flowmeters the possibility to precisely calibrate their clamp-on ultrasonic transducers autonomously at their sites.

Commonly, calibration consists...

Jens Hilpert

A keen ear for everything that flows


Marzahn-based FLEXIM GmbH is the market leader in the field of non-contact flow measurement using ultrasound

When it comes to high-precision flow measurements with ultrasound, FLEXIM Flexible Industriemesstechnik GmbH plays in the top international league. The company, based in...

New FLUXUS F721XLF - Non-intrusive measurement of liquid low flows


With FLUXUS F721 XLF, FLEXIM presents a non-intrusive flowmeter for applications where every drop counts. The new ultrasonic flow measuring system is designed to provide...

Clamp-On Oxygen Monitoring in Hospitals


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demand upon UK hospital O2 delivery to critical care wards. The problem? how to manage O2 supplies before they deplete? The answer – easy retrofit clamp-on O2 metering from FLEXIM supplying data to the hospital MGPS or BMS system.


FLEXIM’s Response to COVID-19


The current outbreak of COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected every aspect of the world. As a company that helps the heartbeat of operations function optimally on a global level, we are striving to ensure the critical needs of our customers are met, while first and foremost ensuring the safety of...

New Video for FLUXUS ST Clamp-On Steam Meter


Watch our New Video for the FLUXUS ST Clamp-On Steam Meter

With FLUXUS ST, clamp-on steam measurement is now available for the very first time – as FLEXIM continues to...

New clamp-on ultrasonic systems FLUXUS 721 TE / CA


Non-invasive flow measurement of thermal energy and compressed air

Energy is a key competetive factor within all industrial environments. With its clamp-on ultrasonic measuring systems FLUXUS F721 TE and FLUXUS G721 CA, FLEXIM offers the ideal...

One for all


Portable flowmeter for liquids, gases, thermal energy and steam

With the new FLUXUS G601 ST, FLEXIM presents the world’s only portable flowmeter for steam. The clamp-on ultrasonic system is also suited for non-invasive flow measurement of...



Non-Invasive Standard Volume Flow Measurement and API Determination of Hydrocarbons

Our new FLUXUS H721 has been designed especially for the needs of the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). It combines highly precise non-invasive measurement of volume...

NEW - The World’s Only Clamp-On Steam Meter


The World’s Only Clamp-On Steam Meter

FLEXIM presents the world’s ONLY clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for steam with FLUXUS ST. The new measuring system offers the same advantages as FLEXIM’s well known flowmeter series FLUXUS: Reliable and accurate flow measurement from...