FLEXIM Meters for HRSG Systems

Power plants are mostly concerned with safety operations and efficiency. This is because these two things are directly linked to the sustainability of the business, financial performance, and long-term feasibility. For these reasons measuring flow of the material inside the pipe is so important. So...Read more

Measuring Contaminants in Groundwater

When measuring slow flow in groundwater for contaminants, it critical to have an accurate and essential mass flow meter. The sensors must be positioned correctly to accurate detect the slow-moving volume. This measurement can help discover contaminants in water system and how much water is actually...Read more

Efficiency, Money Savings, and Grid Independence

Monitoring of Combined Heat and Power Plants Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or cogeneration, has gained extensive acceptance and use in buildings as of its capability to lessen costs, increase efficiency, and provide power independence. To promote the use of CHPs, governments are providing numerous...Read more

FLEXIM Measures High Temperatures in the Power Industry

The Power Industry faces many issues with measuring return water flow in their plants. Maximizing plant efficiency is the number one concern. In order to keep operational costs down, accurately measuring flow rates in the various process of a steam generators is critical. However, these...Read more