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Independent of the individual application, measuring volumetric water flow rates is often crucial for effectively running plant operations. 
Conventional flow meters, such as electromagnetic meters, face several disadvantages due to build-up of mineral deposits on electrodes or high abrasion caused by high mineral content in the flowing medium.

With the non-intrusive ultrasonic FLUXUS flow meters, FLEXIM provides a superior solution for a robust, reliable and accurate flow measurement. As the ultrasonic transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe wall, they are never in direct contact with the liquid flowing through the pipe. Thus, the system is virtually maintenance-free.

FLUXUS flowmeter do not require any process shut-downs or pipe modifications for their installation. Their well-engineered durable construction allows for a wide range of versatility in operation resulting in a highly cost-efficient solution for most applications.
Due to its sophisticated digital signal processing and measurement algorithms, FLUXUS offers a wide range of flow measurement, accurately measuring down to low flow velocities of 0.01 m/s, which enables the FLUXUS technology to be ideal for real-time leak monitoring investigative work.

The patented HybridTrek mode enables FLUXUS to also accurately measure slurries as well as liquids with high gas entrainments.


  • Highly reliable and accurate with no measurement drift. Eliminates the failure of a unit due to the build-up up of solid deposits or the abrasion effects within a pipe structure
  • Non-intrusive measurement from outside the pipe - no pipe cutting or process shut-downs for installation and virtually maintenance-free
  • Highly repeatable operation