FLEXIM density measurement devices and mass flowmeters are used to measure concentration or Brix, density, refractive index or sound velocity of binary fluids such as BRIX, Sulfuric Acid/Oleum or Glycol directly.

Real time inline analytics are becoming an increasingly important part of process controls, driving the demand for ever more challenging applications. FLEXIM’s solutions for measuring mass and density excel where conventual technologies struggle.

The PIOX R inline process refractometer combines the long-established concept of the concentration meter with the innovative transmitted light principle. This unique technology provides online concentration mass flow measurement with outstanding precision.

Using ultrasonic velocity, the PIOX S provides the online concentration and density of process liquids. The clamp-on technology with no wetted parts is ideal for analyzing challenging fluids.

Both systems can also be used in combination, to analyze more complex media in customer specific applications. The FLEXIM laboratory in Berlin supports you in your analytical challenge with its vast library of mass flow measurement devices or individual analysis.

When security matters PIOX ID is your choice. Drift and calibration free media identification to give you to peace of mind about your chemical storage.

The FLUXUS H721 is the standard volume meter for hydrocarbons. Additionally, it provides you API gravity, operational density and kinematic viscosity. In short, the ideal flow and analytical measuring system for the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI).

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FLUXUS G722 - Synchronized Channel Averaging (SCA) Non-intrusive Ultrasonic Meter

Rapid Channel Switching - High Performance - Enhanced...