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Due to environmental reasons, sewage generated on-board cannot be discharged to the sea without proper treatment. Most often on-board sewage treatment plants rely on biological decomposition. Flow measurement at various stages of the plant is crucial to ensure an efficient process.

Levels of entrained solids can be high, leading to build-up of deposits and pipe clogging when employing mechanical flow meters. Also electromagnetic-inductive meters are facing deposit formation. Additional wear on the inner lining and electrodes through the medium can lead to measurement errors and increased maintenance efforts.

FLEXIM’s non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters are the ideal solution for accurate and reliable sewage measurement:

Mounted outside the pipe wall, the complete measuring system is installed in no time with no need for pipe modifications or process interruptions.
With no direct media contact and permanent pipe wall coupling, the ultrasonic system is maintenance-free and long-term stable. Furthermore, by being independent of the pipe dimensions and materials, FLUXUS can be employed wherever needed. All these advantages not only result in precise and reliable measurement data but also unrivalled cost effectiveness.

Flow Measurememt of Chlorination Dosing:

Chlorination dosing is another application where FLEXIM’s clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement can play out its full potential. Dosing rates are low and must be accurately monitored to ensure the correct amount added. Conventional measurement systems for such applications are mechanical meters – however these are maintenance intensive, especially when staying in direct contact to such corrosive media.

The FLUXUS XLF low flow meter is the ideal solution for such tasks. It has been specifically engineered for accurate and reliable measurement of very low flow rates down to several liters per hour. With no direct contact to the corrosive medium, the meter is long-term stable and requires no pipe modifications for installation.


  • Accurate, reliable and long term stable measurement of sewage – independent of pipe dimensions, material and levels of entrained solid / gases
  • Highly cost efficient:
    - No installation requirements, measurement point can be set-up in no time during running process (perfect retrofit solution)
    - With no media contact, permanent pipe coupling and rugged mounting, the system does not suffer from wear, is maintenance free and ensures and unrivalled lifespan
  • Exceptional low flow metering capabilities (FLUXUS XLF) – ideal for monitoring dosing rates without getting in contact with potential hazardous media