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Fuel oil costs represent the biggest share of a vessel’s total operating cost. To be able to verify the amount of fuel oil delivered during a bunkering operation, highly accurate and reliable check measurements are needed.

The FLUXUS 4-Channel ultrasonic flow meter, the F706, is the ideal tool for check and verification metering of bunkered fuel oil. With its four transducer pairs, each carefully matched and temperature compensating, the F706 measures with an unrivalled degree of accuracy and repeatability. When calibrated directly at the measurement point, the F706 achieves levels of precision equivalent to inline custody transfer meters and can thus acts as a proven source for verification of delivered quantities of fuel oil.

The FLUXUS F706 not only measures volume flow rates but also density and mass flow rates by use of its temperature input and the measurement of the mediums acoustic velocity. Moreover, changes in the mediums acoustic velocity also signal changes in the medium itself, meaning its quality. Enhanced diagnostics also detect the presence of entrained air.

In comparison to conventional wetted flow meters, such as Coriolis meters, the F706 is not only on par in terms of performance but also offers higher cost efficiency and increased operational safety.

Mounted outside the pipe wall, there is no need for pipe modifications for installation. With no direct media contact, maintenance efforts are zero, offering an unrivaled life span.
Last, the FLUXUS F706 is independent of the pipe dimension, material, wall thickness and changes in media viscosity.


  • Precise measurement of fuel oil mass flow, density and temperature – ideal solution for check metering purposes on-board
  • Advanced diagnostics on changes of fuel quality and / or air in the bunker oil
  • Easy installation as mounted outside the pipe wall. No line shut-down, welding, pipe cutting or heavy equipment necessary for installation
  • No maintenance requirements due to no direct media contact, permanent pipe wall coupling and rugged transducer mounting
  • No pressure losses, bi-directional flow measurement - can be used for loading and delivery
  • Multiproduct capabilities & media detection – e.g. measurement of residual and heavy fuel oil in same pipe