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Gas, Oil and Brine Flow Measurement at the Separator outlet

Gas, Oil and Brine Flow Measurement at the Separator outlet

Fracturing fluid elements of chemicals, sand and water are common in the return of Gas and Oil wells. Separating out the unwanted elements from the Gas and Oil is a crucial 1st step prior to the refining process.

The process of using two insertion meters - one for the gas or oil, and a 2nd meter for the brine fluid, require wells to be turned downed 2-3 times per year for maintenance and or replacement of those meters resulting in a major loss of revenue of the production well(s).

As the FLUXUS flow meter is simply clamped-on to the pipe wall from the outside, there is no process interruption required for installation. With little to no maintenance required, zero revenue is lost due to meter maintenance.


  • Non-Intrusive flow measurement, no installation requirments
  • No maintenance and recalibration needed
  • Zero flow stability - zero drift

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