Hydroelectric power plants

Hydroelectric power plants often serve as a buffer or storage of electricity. Water is either dammed up or pumped to an elevated basin or lake.

If electricity is needed, the potential energy of the stored water can be transferred into power by feeding it through turbines. The large penstocks that lead from the reservoir to the turbines are often several meters in diameter.

Conventional, wetted flow meter technologies like magnetic inductive devices ("mag-meters") are, from an economical point of view, not the preferred choice due to the large size needed and also due to high costs for installation, replacement and subsequent process interruptions.

FLEXIM’s non-invasive flow meters are the better solution for such large pipes. Simply clamped on to the outside pipe wall, no cutting or welding on the pipe is needed and the rugged stainless steel mounting fixture, housing the IP68 transducers, withstands even the harshest environments.

FLEXIM’s range of FLUXUS flow meters have been installed on pipes greater than 20 feet diameter and measure accurately on any pipe material and wall thickness. FLEXIM also provides submersible flow metering solutions when it comes to measuring water streams directly within ducts.


  • Reliable and accurate bidirectional flow measurement over a virtually unlimited measurement range
  • Installation and set-up of the clamp-on measurement system without invasive pipe work and leakage risk
  • Virtually free of wear and tear
  • Very economical alternative to wetted instrumentation such as MIDs