Non-invasive Flow Measurement Substituting a Magnetic FlowmeterFlow Measurement at an Elevated Drinking Water Tank Flow Measurement of Drinking Water Leading to the Network

Potable Water Treatment

Offering the most reliable measurement system for water treatment

Drinking water usually comes from wells, reservoirs and large water tanks. Pipes with large nominal diameters carry the water to the treatment plant where the water is treated and disinfected. The water is then pumped to the local distribution system. Large nominal diameter pipes equated to expensive measuring systems. This isn’t the case with a FLUXUS ultrasonic non-invasive flow meter, which is not only less expensive than a magnetic inductive flow meters, but can also be retrofitted during normal operation and without the additional cost of engineering work and pipe work. Moreover, magnetic flow meters often show inaccurate readings as conductive material from the ground water deposits in the electrodes of the meter, causing them to short which shows up as drift in the meter. This leads to lower measurement readings than are actually present.

FLUXUS flow meter mounted in a water supply line


Water and Wastewater Solutions

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