Low Flow Measurement of Injection MediaMass Flow Measurement of Natural Gas for InjectionProduced Water Flow MeasurementConcentration Measurement of Glycol for Gas DehydrationGas Flow measurement at a Separator OutletFlow Measurement of Produced Water or Sea Water during InjectionFire Pump Flow Metering SurveyFlow Measurement within a Gas Lift SystemWellhead Gas Flow MeasurementLow Flow Water Injection Measurement at an Offshore Platfom

Upstream / Offshore Solutions

Non-invasive Flow Measurement of Liquids and Gases

Extracting oil and gas means handling enormous amounts of energy. High pressures and corrosive environments are often the norm. Operational safety is the first commandment, and efficient production is imperative. FLEXIM flow meters will help reduce your maintenance and leak points, while improving safety and efficiency.
FLEXIM’s non-invasive flow meters provide bi-directional flow measurement from outside the pipe. Our hermetically sealed transducers are installed in rugged stainless steel mounting fixtures, and may be commissioned under flowing conditions. Non-invasive also means no exposure to corrosive or hazardous media, resulting in accurate and reliable measurement over an almost unlimited flow range.

Upstream / Offshore Solutions


Upstream Solutions

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