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Non-invasive Flow Measurements in a District Heating NetworkFlow Measurements in a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) Flow Velocity and Volume Flow Measurement on a District Heating PipelineFlow and Thermal Energy Measurement at a CHP

District Heating

Ensuring pipeline safety and network balancing

Modern power plants operate according to the environmentally friendly principle of combined heat and power (CHP), where electricity and heat are generated in a single process. In many cities the heat is transported in the form of hot water via pipelines to the respective districts. Flow and thermal energy metering at these pipelines is crucial for fulfilling their safety functions in case of necessary line shut downs as well as for network balancing and pump regulation, resulting in an optimal operation of the power plants. In comparison to inline measurement technologies, FLUXUS Energy provides for an unrivalled easy installation and independently verified measuring accuracy.

District Heating Ensuring pipeline safety and network balancing


FLEXIM Sustainability

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