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Power to Hydrogen

Power-to-Hydrogen. Supporting the energy transition for a more sustainable future.

In the battle to combat climate change, vital transformation of the energy sector is well under way. Alongside the crucial expansion of renewable power generation, the development of renewable fuels, especially hydrogen is gathering speed.

It’s possible that one day, green hydrogen may substitute natural gas entirely, but it will be a gradual, step by step process. Green hydrogen is produced with the input of renewable energy from wind or solar power for example, making it a versatile, renewable and highly sustainable carrier of energy.


Power-to-hydrogen concepts are set to drive the generation of green hydrogen, with power-to-hydrogen facilities mainly based on electrolysis. Electrolysis is a chemical process, which can be used to produce hydrogen with the use of electricity.

PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) and alkaline water electrolysers seem to both be promising solutions for Power-to-Hydrogen facilities connected to renewable energy centres. Both electrolyser types can produce hydrogen with the input of electricity and water, along with a caustic acting as an electrolyte within alkaline electrolysers.


Ultrasonic flow measurement solutions for your Power-to-Hydrogen facility.

Non-invasive and incredibly accurate, FLUXUS flow measurements are the ideal fit for your Power-to-hydrogen facility. You will be able to reliably capture the flow precisely and cost-efficiently and in an intrinsically safe manner. From demineralized water, over caustics, compressed air and cooling water, right up to ultra-pure hydrogen, its flow can easily be measured from the outside of the pipe with FLEXIM’s ultrasonic technology, and with absolutely no downtime.



Proven hydrogen gas measurement solutions.

The capabilities of ultrasonic flow technology in relation to pure hydrogen and natural gas hydrogen mixtures flow measurement, have already been put to the test in several international projects. FLEXIM engaged in a Joint Industry Project (JIP) at the DNV GL laboratory to prove the suitability of our FLUXUS in measuring natural gas blended with hydrogen. Furthermore, we have proven our FLUXUS is more than capable of measuring pure hydrogen reliably and accurately, with successful trials at the HyLoop laboratory in the Netherlands.

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