100% safe measurement of ultra-pure steam (webinar recording)

100% safe measurement of ultra-pure steam and other pharmaceutical utilities

The pharmaceutical industry faces very high energy expenses, mostly due to the intense cleaning processes with pure media like WFI and ultra-pure steam.

Energy Management and improving energy efficiency have long been focused. But there are still concerns when it comes to hygienically sensitive and GMP related media – how to gain the needed data for an effective Energy Management without compromising the media safety?

Fortunately, the perfect solution is already at hand there – FLEXIM´s non-invasive, ultrasonic measurement technology is 100% hygienic, contamination-free and spares you the effort to manage certifications and approvals, because the clamp-on flowmeters never have contact with the medium.

This high-performing and versatile technology is applicable for nearly all liquids and gases, including steam. One measuring solution for WFI, clean air, nitrogen 5.0 and ultra-pure steam.

In our video, we will give you a brief introduction into FLEXIM’s non-invasive media measurement, mainly as part of the Energy Management, and show you:

  • the non-invasive flow measurement solution for steam,
  • fields of application for non-invasive pharmaceutical utility monitoring,
  • how to approach a flexible energy management with portable and fixed installed meters.

Watch the webinar recording and learn how to achieve your energy efficiency goals and save costs by monitoring with non-intrusive flow metering.