Aquarion Water Company
FLEXIM meters have turned out to be better than the meters we were used to. The meters measure flow down to .03ft/sec which is 10 times lower than the Mag meters we use.John S.Senior Operations Specialist
Manager Jacksonville Water District
We had a serious balancing issue. Our measurements showed we were delivering significantly more water than we were taking from our wells. The problem was the magnetic flowmeters, due to the high mineral content the probes were becoming fouled degrading the signal and reporting lower than actual flows. We found FLEXIM and after we proved through testing that the meter was 1% accurate we installed 35 meters on our most problematic well measurements.Shawn A.Manager
Coastal Monitoring Associates
The new FLEXIM system gives us a more stable system than we had. And the accuracy has been excellent.Ron P.Hydrologist (CMA)
Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant
The installation of the meters went smoothly. They have provided consistent, reliable data. In the future, the data will be used by the process control and automation system to not only monitor, but possibly control the flow and optimize the process.Paul M.Senior Project Engineer