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Duke Energy
Now that, with FLEXIM, the tube and flow problems on the unit have been resolved, we plan to move forward with a similar solution for a sister unit. We're sure with what we've learned, we will be able to get accurate flow readings right away.TimChief Engineer
Phenol Plant
The differential meter was a lot more noisy; it read higher flow than the FLEXIM. And the measurements would drop over time as it plugged. The ultrasonic gave us good, flat readings with minimal noise. For three months we tested it and then installed it permanently. It is now one of the plant’s safety interlocks and it is still giving accurate, noise-free measurements. And we don’t have to take it out and clean it!Mike Reliability Engineer
Eastman Chemical
I think we can safely say that ultrasonic flowmeters have finally met their potential. I have taken more than 600 readings with the FLEXIM portable meter, and my success rate is 99.8 percent; and that includes pipes containing acids, water, gasses, and slurries at several hundred degrees. At the end of the day, I collect all the data dumps from the built-in data logger and export it to my spread sheet program.Greg H.Process Analytics Chemist
NOVA Southeastern University
With FLEXIM I can accurately put our settings to optimum performance. But there's more to it than that. Since our pumps have frequency drives, we can stop running them at full speed. Before the FLEXIM meters, we used butterfly valves and gate valves to back down flow. Now I'm able turn every valve wide open and program the frequency drive to run at the optimum speed to deliver the cooling water.Jim M.HVAC Engineer