Major Northeast State University
We decided to put one [FLEXIM] meter on our chemistry building, which had been a problem for us. We agreed to a trial period on both chilled and hot water that reached up to 350°F. The measurements were within one percent with no drift. It finally gave us accurate data on that building that we had been lacking. Given that success, we began replacing our differential flow meters with the ultrasonics. We now have a total of about 100 ultrasonic meters monitoring our HVAC flow and temperature and reporting to our dashboard/BAS system. We recently added 70 new meters for domestic water, and we continue to expand building by building.TimEnergy & Sustainability Manager
Utilivisor Continuous Energy Monitoring
We always specify FLEXIM meters because their accuracy is 1% of rate backed up with a calibration certificate. More importantly they maintain their accuracy at low flow rates. FLEXIM meters capture low flow rates better than any meter I have encountered. If the flow rates aren’t detected you are giving away free energy.Tim A.Manager
Jacobs Engineering Group (World Trade Center)
Although it ended up being a big project, it could have been much worse. There was no damage to the pumps or the generators and downtime was significantly reduced.Remon Y.Commissioning Manager
Midwestern Aluminum Plant
I proposed another FLEXIM meter for the hot water line. After our experience with the FLEXIM portable, I had no problem getting approval to purchase a permanent clamp-on FLEXIM liquid meter to measure flow and temperatures to and from the plant.MarkUtilities Engineer
University of Akron
We searched for a clamp on meter to measure 400˚F high temperature hot water. We found FLEXIM that was rated to 750˚F and put the first meter on our main line. We found out that the steam company was not billing us correctly, it turned out that the FLEXIM had a much better turndown than the other meter and was more accurate on low flow. Now we are completing most of our buildings with FLEXIM meters for our performance contract.Dave M.Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager
Aegis Energy Services
When we heard of FLEXIM's low flow capability, we gave it a try. The results were so accurate that we now use one in every application.Dale D.Sales and Marketing
Silicon Valley Technical Center
The FLEXIM Meters worked out well for SVTC. They were not as close to capacity as they thought. Replacing aging equipment and perform upgrades and retrofits was going to be expensive, but there was no need. This project more than paid for itself.Jason D. VP of Engineering
Empire State Building
As the building efficiencies continue we also utilize FLEXIM energy meters to upgrade old or non-existent submetering throughout the building. These meters have proven reliable and are perfect for retrofit installations because they are nonintrusive and eliminate the need to cut into piping for installation.Dennis P.Program Manager
NOVA Southeastern University
Now I can accurately put our settings exactly where the factory recommends for optimum performance. But there’s more to it than that. Since our pumps have frequency drives, we can stop running them at full speed. Before the FLEXIM meters, we used butterfly valves and gate valves to back down flow. Now I’m able turn every valve wide open and program the frequency drive to run at the optimum speed to deliver the cooling water.Jim M.HVAC Engineer