FLEXIM helps AstraZeneca BioHub Achieve its 30% Energy Reduction Goal


FLEXIM helps AstraZeneca BioHub Achieve its 30% Energy Reduction Goal

Not only did the large innovative AstraZeneca lab located in Waltham, MA achieve their goal, but they also received their Energy Star Rating. Back in 2015, AstraZeneca built one of the largest and most environmentally friendly science research facilities holding about 700 scientists at a time! This also includes other industry related companies all working together for medical discovery and development. In total, there is 260,000 square feet of space that not only includes laboratories, but offices and a central utility plant, that all need to meet specific mandates.

The only major issue that the utility plant faced was achieving the 2010 mandate of a 30% reduction of energy usage. The solution was to submeter each building and identify where energy was not being used efficiently and correct it.

“We wanted flowmeters that (1) were easy to install and didn’t require shutting down operations; (2) were, of course, accurate across a wide range that included low flow because we shut down the complex at night but still need to know how much energy is being used; and (3) were essentially maintenance-free and calibration-free,” said Facilities Systems Specialist,  Bruce MacGregor

FLEXIM’s Ultrasonic clamp-on BTU meter was the perfect solution for this application, especially with its low flow capabilities.

“One of the major benefits of ultrasonic flowmeters is that, unlike traditional meters, they contain no moving parts and do not need frequent calibration and maintenance,” explained Owner and Sales Partner, Brad Selmon of M.A. SELMON Company.

FLEXIM’s Ultrasonic Clamp-On BTU meters have great advantages for submetering:

  • Reliable & wear free measurement.
  • Accurate thermal energy measurement due to: High accuracy of temperature and flow measurement.
  • Ability to capture and measure the lowest to the highest flow velocities.
  • Simple and cost effective without disruption to operations.
  • Non-Intrusive measurement: installs on the outside of existing pipes. No pipe work needed.

To learn more about our BTU meters and how FLEXIM can solve your submetering problem, please continue reading here.

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