Terra Magnifica

Curriosum / Phantasia

Blick in die Unendlichkeit

Old Cinema



Christin Lutze

Shapes emerge, begin to transform and merge into one movement. Earthy colors and airy expanses, straight and curved lines combine to create architecturally designed landscapes. The staircases of "Unsentimental Journey" begin somewhere and lead purposefully into nowhere in surreal sweeps, curves and bends. The pointed arches of a dilapidated cathedral look like oversized sunglasses reflecting a hilly landscape. Indistinct rows of houses grow in front of hills, behind which a pale azure morning horizon shimmers pink, heralding a warm summer day. The terrain is deserted and seemingly devoid of vegetation. Yet every single element breathes life.

Between reality and fantasy move the works of Christin Lutze and open the entrance to an absurd world. Since May 11, 2021, FLEXIM Gallery has been showing a selection of current works by the artist, whose mostly large-format canvases demand more attention than just a cursory glance. There is much to discover in the stylized landscapes with their surreally constructed buildings and unexpected perspectives. They seduce you to pause, dive in and let your own imagination play.

Christin Lutze, born in 75, has been painting for as long as she can remember. Her grandmother and mother encourage her talent, give her paints and enable her to take painting courses. After graduating from high school, she applies to both Berlin art academies and is immediately accepted by both. She chooses the University of the Arts and graduates there in 2002 as a master student of Prof. Marwan. Already during her studies she receives scholarships to academies in Venice and Geneva. This is followed by an endless series of exhibitions, work residencies and awards at home and abroad. Her works are in demand internationally and included in numerous private and public collections.

Using coarse or fine linen, Christin Lutze stretches, glues and primes her self-made frames. Clearly contoured and delineated colors are created by thinly applied glazes in egg para and oil. Gradations of ocher, yellow and umber, contrasted by delicate green and deep ultramarine, dominate her paintings. They are reminiscent of the warm colors of Italy, although the artist is more attracted to northern countries. Already twice she wins longer scholarships in Iceland and her big dream is to get to know Greenland.

Angular without being sharp, straight lines and angles alternate in cool blue tones. Nested groups of houses in village settings with deserted, treeless streets emerge and grant a "view into infinity".  The ideas grow while painting and open the entrance to a world behind reality. In the center, a high scaffolding piles up, paths lead through an absurd set of wheels and canopies supported by columns. Below, individual buildings surrounded by fields in miniature, again resting on a construction of industrial buildings and stilts. In the background, a calm deep azure expanse of water, lined by a mountain range on the far shore. "Terra Magnifica" looks like an island that seems to be both rural idyll and fairground.

It demands a months-long process to process the personal experiences and impressions before they transform on the canvas in colors and shapes to a new work of art. Christin Lutze withstands this internally built-up pressure until it materializes in emotionally condensed lines and sweeps vibrating in color. Her stylized and surreal landscapes remain motionless in that magical moment in which time seems to stand still. Yet energy pulsates in every element. The becoming and the result equally demand concentration, require absolute devotion and force a lingering in front of the motif to dive in and discover something new again and again. The gaze focuses, finds a balance and slowly dissolves before finding another perspective and the power in the silence.

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Text Sigrid Fontan