Energy & Flow Measurement For The Power Industry

Scarce resources, rising power consumption and increasing demand for cleaner energy face the power generation industry. As power generation from renewables increases, conventional power plants are expected to show greater flexibility while the need for energy storage grows. Whether considering conventional or renewable power generation, power plant operators face both cost and regulatory pressures. Meeting these complex requirements, power plant operators must supply efficient, reliable and flexible generation of electricity and energy with a minimum of downtime. 

Modernization is essential for driving efficient power generation. Non-invasive instrumentation for steam flow measurement in power plants and other applications means no interruption in supply and no direct contact with the process media, which makes our energy consumption measurement solution also free of maintenance and helps power plant operators to monitor and control their processes with highest efficiency and outstanding flexibility. Our forward-thinking energy measuring instruments and other flow measurement solutions for liquids, gases and steam are suitable for wide application and temperature ranges, even up to 1112 °F. These power measuring instruments and more deliver accurate readings without interrupting flows.


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