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Polypropylene is eiher produced in gas phase processes (fluidized bed or stirred reactor) or liquid phase processes (slurry or solution). One of the liquid phase processes is the so called “Spheripol / Spherizone" process.

Gas flow measurements of propylene (but also ethylene and hydrogen) are crucial on many points within this process, but especially at the MZCR (Multi Zone Circulating Reactor), the GPR (Gas Phase Reactor) and the dryer blower discharge lines. Conventionally used differential pressure gas flow meters often face accuracy problems due fouling (as of the presences of fines in the gas streams) at such measurement points.
Thus, major process licensors are strongly recommending the use of ultrasonic clamp-on gas flow meters at these applications.
FLEXIM's non-invasive gas flow meters are not affected by fouling as they are measuring from the pipe wall outside. Further, they are the most accurate, reliable and robust non-invasive flow measurement solution available.


  • Highly accurate and reliable gas flow measurement from the pipe wall outside (no potential for fouling or similar challenges)
  • Free of wear and thus virtually maintenance-free
  • Independent of pipe dimensions, material and internal pressurisation
  • Flow measurement of propylene, ethylene, hydrogen as well as nitrogen (dryer blower discharge lines)
  • Strongly recommended by global licensors of the named production processes